Love, Desire, and Attachment: Improving Our Relationships

A Buddhist Perspective

Saturday, February 11, 1-4pm

Fred Heutte Center in Norfolk’s Historic Ghent

How is it possible that the very same relationships that appear to bring us delight can also make us feel extremely miserable?

Learn how to bring clarity, joy and a relaxed, loving attitude into all your relationships. Love and attachment are two different states of mind — one leads to happiness, the other to suffering. With Buddha’s profound advice, we can learn to distinguish between love and attachment within our own minds, reducing our attachment and enhancing our love.

Songs proclaim all kinds of difficulties with loving relationships. We sing along as if their words are true. But we can have love without pain. In popular culture, love is all too often associated with painful feelings. However, at it’s best, love inspires us to realize precious inner qualities of compassion, giving and kindness.

The causes of love and the causes of pain are different. If we understood this well, we would be able to see how these two experiences arise in our relationships. Then, we could make informed decisions that allow us to avoid pain and heartbreak while increasing our love. This is real wisdom.

We all need such practical wisdom so that we can improve our relationships.

Everyone is welcome to join this meditation workshop which will strengthen the determination to cultivate true love that is free from pain.

Join us for a profound topic that explores the potential of love to transform our lives, using the power of meditation.


As a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso,  Kelsang Kalden has been studying and practicing Kadampa Buddhist for twenty-five years and is an ordained American Buddhist nun.

Book Information:

The teachings for this class are from the books The New Eight Steps to Happiness  and  How to Transform Your Life  available through Tharpa Publications.  How to Transform Your Life is also available as a free e-book download.


Fred Heutte Center
1000 Botetourt Gardens (Ghent)
Norfolk, VA  23507


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